Psalm 110: Now Rule! – 1/19/2008

Ps 110:2 – You were forged a strong scepter by God of Zion; now rule, though surrounded by enemies!

Clearly, this passage talks about Jesus prophetically though David was applying it to himself as well.   In the sense of God establishing Jesus in Israel – he then says Now Rule even though you are surrounded by enemies.   It doesn’t matter that Satan is not yet thrashed and destroyed.  It doesn’t matter that Israel and the world did not receive him.  God says NOW rule. He is to NOW rule that through many sufferings he will LATER obtain glory.


In fact, the ruling is for the purpose of continually taking out the enemies – to stand against them with his very life.  David was given this reality too.  Some say David was given this psalm after he had brought home the ark of the covenant but before he had his wars with neighboring idolatrous nations.


But clearly, as Christians – those whose very life is now Christ – those who are no longer themselves but are Christ in us and as us: is this not a strong statement to us.


You, Todd (Christ in and as Todd) were forged a strong scepter by God of Zion (of Christ) – NOW RULE, though surrounded by enemies!


I think we mostly live in limited faith – waiting for Christ to do something miraculous around us. But He has and he expects us to NOW RULE.  Sometimes we do try but we do it in our own strength. 


God, thank you for revealing Christ in me and giving me a fresh revelation of that reality today.  You have forged the strong scepter of Christ in me – use me to now rule – even though surrounded by enemies.  I confess that I have often not ruled because I calculated odds that I could not win – but you do not say go and you will win (at least not every battle) – you say NOW RULE – regardless of the fact that you are surrounded by enemies and the outcome is uncertain.  You are asking me to have faith in you who formed Christ in me more that that which is in front of me – the impossible enemies – you are saying trust that nothing is impossible because Christ is formed in me.   Forgive me for waiting for comfort and ease when you have told me that you have already forged me and I should NOW RULE.


Praise be the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

1 thought on “Psalm 110: Now Rule! – 1/19/2008

  1. Tom Albers

    Todd, this scripture is so inspiring. It is in the context of Christ, the God-man, the forever high priest (Heb 7), but I believe it is a nature and a charge we inherit as the sons of God. From a song in college days (and Romans 8), “and all creation’s straining on tiptoe just to see, the sons of God come into their own.” Maranatha.


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