Encore Careers

One of my current interests is exploring how God works in the lives of people to move them from one place to another.   This interest has grown out of the work God has been doing in my life since 2000 – a restlessness in life that I am persuaded that God is using to prepare me for a new focus in the latter part of my life. 

For a long time, I have tried to use the lessons that I have learned in the first part of my life to define, plan and move into a new direction.  The is my normal mode of operation and has been very successful for me in the past but one of the learnings of this journey has been – what got you here will not get you to where you’re going – in fact that is a trap, a prideful archor that slows down progress.   It’s taken me awhile to learn it. 

Consequently, I have recently decided to quit focusing on defining, planning, and executing and shifted to enjoy exploring, experiencing and celebrating for awhile – trusting God to use this to guide me – removing it from my control and surrendering to only His.   This category in Viewed Mercies will be a place where I will keep up with and share my exploration.

This morning – God shared with me an article that was very interesting:

ROBERT POWELL: Is there an ‘encore’ career in your future?


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