Dawn's Revelation

August 16, 2001

You moved me to move to witness the morning
as you whispered your music in my mind’s ear.
I drank the airy moist wind singing your song
filling my heart with fresh revelations of you.

But ’twas nothing compared to the bright morning star
that lead the open-handed crescent moon into the day
as the clouds were transforming from dark to light
like the gradual molding of our hearts in your hands.

Your pure blue light crescendo in the heavens
and the undercurrent of dim orange and yellow
hinted at promises of the majestic arrival of the sun
in the moment between Eden and the last battle.

I was in awe of the moment until you took me into your glory
and I knew this day was as coal to a diamond
reflections in dark glass for those with weak eyes,
for those just waking can’t stand the strength of daylight

And I was ashamed of my weakness and fell on your grace
With sweet surrender to your constant presence
for I couldn’t imagine why I should ever be dismayed —
or how I could ever doubt your good or forget your love.

How could I, insignificant receiver of glorious dawn,
forget or doubt you, author of all the universes,
Whose glory is more radiant a billion times this moment
after you have made Him to dwell in me as my very life?

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