Befriending Problems

As the day dawns, I scan the horizon and see a landmine of stumbling blocks before me. I look up to you, Lord, thankful for all that you’ve given me despite these trials in life. You are not satisfied with this asking me to bring my problems also to sacrifice on the alter of gratitude. I am hesitant at first but You tell me to rest assured that You are weaving all things, including my problems, into a pattern of goodness. Yes, Lord! Thank you.

With this new trust, I look ahead again, now with transformed eyes; able to befriend these problems-turned-potential and so navigate this terrain with Your power and wisdom – living out Your best purposes for me (which is always my best purpose) and broadcasting Your glory. Amen.
Ro 8:28; 1 Co 1:23-24
(Also Luke 6:32-36; Hos 6:6; Ps 51:16-17)

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