Focal Point

It Is so easy to substitute the things of God for God Himself. At the crazy speed of hundreds of interaction a day, I frequently rush to the good things God has given me: the Bible, the law, my sense of justice – of right and wrong, my wisdom (or at least intellect), my capacity and understanding of how to live successfully (not to mention the track record I call upon with likely too much pride) and the ability I believe I use very well to communicate effectively with others. How is it that I so easily access all of these wonderful gifts from God, and yet forget to look to Jesus himself, the giver of all good things?

But my Lord could’ve called legions of angels to defend Himself at Gethsemane and yet, did not. He could have poured out the wrath of God on the Sanhedrin or Pilot yet he spoke not a word to defend Himself. While justice was completely lacking, He chose to look at the Father and His greater justice, and return grace instead.

Jesus, forgive me for misusing your wonderful gifts, making them idols and very poor substitutes for You. How silly am I to reference my memory and understanding which are so limited when You are right there with me, full of Love. Please help me to keep my focal point on You, Jesus, so I have something real to give to others – instead of mostly promoting and defending my sense of self.
Heb 12:2-3; Ps 102:27

1 thought on “Focal Point

  1. Rick Haasl

    Thank you Todd!! Especially love this part…

    “Please help me to keep my focal point on You, Jesus, so I have something real to give to others.”

    Reminds me of something I heard in a message one time…
    “Seek the Giver, not the gift.”

    Thanks again Brother…God Bless!!


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