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Item84 at Red Eyed Fly / Encore!

Got a chance to go see my 17 year-old son, Jeremy and Item84 play a set at the Red Eyed Fly in Austin this week.  The cool news is that they were asked to come back and open for some national bands on Tuesday, July 1 at 7:30pm.  Come check them out if you can.  They’d love the support.

Here is the evite if you want to let them know your coming – Item84 at REF Evite

Item84 at Red Eyed Fly

Birthday Blessings

I decided not to let my birthday be just one more day this year.   Celebrated in a variety of ways including hanging out with family and friends and getting a great massage from Stacie Lemire of Healing Touch Therapies.   Until less than a year ago, I had never had a massage – I was always a little uncomfortable with the idea.

However, I met Stacie at a business network event a few years earlier and was very impressed with her.  Still, it took me a few years to try it out.   I tend to be more mental in my faith but I have to say that I have found a deep, authentic and very needed aspect of spiritual life though this experience in the few times I have now participated.  

Of late, God is leading me more to experience Him then to just know about him – and working out, message, eating right — all that earthly, bodily stuff is surprisingly essential.  This is why the Lord ate and drank with sinners, marveled at prostitutes that cried on his feet and whiped them with there hair, and gave us to remember him this ritual: eat this bread, drink this wine. 

While other gods wouldn’t stoop so low as to touch mortal things, the Divine Jesus replies, “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.  Revelation 3:20