Item84 at Red Eyed Fly / Encore!

Got a chance to go see my 17 year-old son, Jeremy and Item84 play a set at the Red Eyed Fly in Austin this week.  The cool news is that they were asked to come back and open for some national bands on Tuesday, July 1 at 7:30pm.  Come check them out if you can.  They’d love the support.

Here is the evite if you want to let them know your coming – Item84 at REF Evite

Item84 at Red Eyed Fly

2 thoughts on “Item84 at Red Eyed Fly / Encore!

  1. teresa

    My daughter and her friends are huge fans of yours and do go to Hutto High School.
    We are planning a suprise sweet sixteen,the weekend of August 7 are you interested and how much?


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