Finding the Light with Gabrielle.

March 3, 2009

P1020046 A few weeks ago, my wife and I were blessed to take a hiking trip at Enchanted Rock with our daughter-in-law, Lauren, and our youngest daughter, Gabrielle. We had a great time. God blessed us with great weather and wonderful company. 

During the hike, Cammi and Lauren decides to sit and rest a bit while Gabrielle and I explored the caves created by the massive leaning pieces of granite near the top of Enchanted Rock.  One of the coolest areas is crawling out this opening in the image of Gabrielle below.  I love this image and the time I got to enjoy with these beautiful ladies in my life – and especially the time exploring with Gabrielle.


She, like all my children, are growing up so fast but this image causes me to appreciate her wonderful spirit and the gift of her. It reminded me of the dedication we wrote for her when she was a little girl and I had to find it and re-read it.  In it, we captured the mercies of God toward us in Gabrielle and as she and I burrowed through dark caves to find the light, I was taking in the light in her too. Here is the dedication from 2001.

The Dedication of Gabrielle
by Todd and Cammi Boyum, Mother’s Day – May 13, 2001
Hill Country Bible Church Pflugerville,

clip_image002It was God, our Father, who put desire in the heart of your father and mother after giving them all the children they’d prayed for to conceive of a radiant fourth gem named Gabrielle.And how impoverished we would be without you: We would never know your cherub-featured face as you greet us when we return home running into our arms with unbridled love and joy.

clip_image004We would never have heard that little stars up above the world so high twinkle like dinosaurs in the sky. We would never have the pleasure of the chore of singing you three songs every night at bedtime and gently returning you to your bed when you wake up scared. We would have never heard your unrestrained singing or witnessed the affection of your brothers and sister to you. We would have never heard the bestest Gabrielle christen us, with a hug and a kiss, the bestest mom and dad.

What should be our prayer for you, Gabrielle, whom the Father seems to bathe in the golden air of heaven’s joy?We pray that Christ reveal himself to you clip_image006so your passion and joy may be complete in Him. We pray that He ever continue His song in your life: the psalm of a Godly girl, woman, mother, and wife. We pray that your days will be inspired by the magic the Father has placed in your heart as a child for such is the kingdom of heaven.

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