I love integration – taking different things and making them work together. So I just setup Facebook a few days ago which is a cool ways to connect with your friends – even integrate some of your interests – happenings, etc. Now, I find that I can integrate my “Viewed Mercies” blog. Very cool.

In my experience, God is always doing this in my life – taking skills, experiences, and relationships that developed in one context and integrating them together in new and exciting ways.

For instance, in 2008, God took various relationships with friends from work, boy scouting, church and well as skills from FPU training, work, etc. to integrate into helping radically impact a struggling family – what’s more, is a whole bunch of other things are beginning to be integrated together from that experience. It is miraculous and exhilerating.

So, what will he re-create and integrate in 2009. On facebook, I have reconnected with some long lost friends, I have connected some interesting people with interesting ideas – including some of my own that have been waiting in the wings. All this in a few days leading up to New Years Eve. I pray God blesses you all with eyes wide open to the awesome purpose and journey of your life in 2009. I’d love to hear from you on what he shows you and does with your wonderful lives.

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