Morality vs Nobility

Perhaps the saddest deception that Satan has perpetrated on the human race is that morality is what God wants from man. Our enemy was pleased to convince us that God was angry with us because we weren’t being good boys and girls. In this way, he enslaved us in between guilt and pride. First he pushes us into a prideful pursuit of proving to ourself and heaven that we could be good which of course sends us into condemning self-conceit and judgement of others. Then he is swift to accuse us and drive to guilt.

But the reality is that God is not after morality from us, he is pursuing us fully. He is about providing us nobility. Regardless of our human plight and because of his love for us, he has made Christ to become our very life so that we are his children. This is the secret his enemy hides because by merely receiving God’s gift, we are forever his child and the knowledge of good and evil is replaced by the tree of life.

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